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Interactive Web-pages (interacts) by Alyssa Vorpahl and Prof Gregory Bard

The following wonderful applets were made by my undergraduate research assistant, Alyssa Vorpahl, during the Fall of 2018. She did this work as part of the UW Stout Honors College. This work is an example of an "honors contract," and is like a Bachelor's thesis but writing code instead of writing a document.

In very late December 2019, the Sage community (including SageMathCell) switched to Python3. Previously, Sage had used Python2. This change was backwards incompatible, and changed the syntax of the print command, rendering the applets inoperable. Some have been repaired (marked [REPAIRED] below), and others will be repaired soon (marked [BROKEN] below). The inconvenience to all of us is very regrettable.

If you see anything wrong and want to suggest some corrections, then please write to me (Prof. Gregory V. Bard) at the following email address. I will be very happy to hear from you. (The email address below is an image, to protect me from spam bots.) Feel free to also visit my professional webpage or my personal webpage.

Last modified on April 10th, 2020.
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